All the following projects are public and Free Software. More will come.

My projects

Docker experiments

I strongly believe in Docker, both for development and production.

  • MariaDB on Alpine Linux image: Alpine Linux is extremely lightweight but has everything that’s needed to run the mysqld daemon. Perfect choice for a container.
  • docker-bash-utils: Bash aliases and functions to administrate Docker containers and images.


ASCII games playable via mysql command-line console. Implemented via stored procedures.


A Unit Test framework written in SQL, to test Stored Programs, Views, etc.


A set of data structures implemented in SQL. They can be used in Stored Routines.

MariaDB PHP Tools

I have very small self-made tools for MariaDB written in PHP. I’ll clean them, I’ll document them, and I’ll put them in this repo.


A lot of good code that lies unfinished. If you like Text Adventures and interactive tales, just fork it. I’ll provide you all the info you need.
Supports plugins, multilingual adventures, and multilingual programmings (for adventure authors).

My contributes

Note: of course I won’t list here small contributions. If you see more repos in my GitHub’s home page, it probably means that I’m writing some not-so-important code for someone else’s project.


CodeMirror is a JavaScript editor. I’ve merged the SQL modes into one mode – they survive as Mime Types that you can pass to a mode. I improved the general SQL syntax highlightning and particularly MySQL, and I added MariaDB (some keywords which MySQL doesn’t have).
Thanks to Maijn, the author of CodeMirror.


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