All the following projects are public and Free Software. More will come.

My projects

Docker experiments

I used to believe in Docker, and I made some experiments:

  • MariaDB on Alpine Linux image: Alpine Linux is extremely lightweight but has everything that’s needed to run the mysqld daemon. Perfect choice for a container.
  • docker-bash-utils: Bash aliases and functions to administrate Docker containers and images.

Note: while I still think that Docker can be amazingly convenient, I strongly discourage people from running production databases in Docker containers.


ASCII games playable via mysql command-line console. Implemented via stored procedures.


A collection of views and stored procedures for MySQL and MariaDB.


A Unit Test framework written in SQL, to test Stored Programs, Views, etc.


A set of data structures implemented in SQL. They can be used in Stored Routines.

My contributes

Note: of course I won’t list here small contributions. If you see more repos in my GitHub’s home page, it probably means that I’m writing some not-so-important code for someone else’s project.


An external tool which implements materialized views in MySQL, by Justin Swanhart. I made several minor contributions to the code.


CodeMirror is a JavaScript editor. I’ve merged the SQL modes into one mode – they survive as Mime Types that you can pass to a mode. I improved the general SQL syntax highlightning and particularly MySQL, and I added MariaDB (some keywords which MySQL doesn’t have).



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