MariaDB and Stored Procedures: errata & repository

In the article How MariaDB makes Stored Procedures usable I explained how to use the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine to workaround Stored Procedures limitations. Please read that article, if you didn’t, for details.

Since the technique to workaround such limitations is verbose and error-proof, I also proposed a procedure which makes it easy and convenient. Even thought this is a simple country blog, I have immediately received positive feedback after that article. But then, people started to write me: “Hey, doesn’t work!”. The reason is… MariaDB/MySQL bugs. While investigating these problems, I was able to report the following bugs:

I’m sure there are others, but isolating such bugs to produce decent test cases can be difficult. I will do, if I can.

Basically, while developing the procedures I needed, was that some combinations of (correct) statements could misteryously trigger bugs that are not triggered by other combinations of statements. Despite those procedures being trivial, testing their behavior was frustrating.

I was able to develop a version of these procedures which does not trigger any bug, and I put them in the materialize repository, on GitHub.

I can finally suggest people to try them. If you have any problems (becuase there are bugs in the procedures, on in MariaDB, or you don’t understand something) feel free to contact me at info [At, federico - razzoli /Dot, com (replace [At, with @ and /Dot, with .). I will help. But be very patient or pay me: remember that 3 days are not a long time for a free service. 🙂


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