Yet Another HELLO_WORLD()

As the title says, this is yet another blog about programming (YABAP). Because every BAP starts with a helloWorld(), here’s Yet Another Hello World (YAHW). And because all technical sites have a FAQ listing questions that no one ever asked (but the authors would really like to answer), let’s start with…

Yet Another FAQ (FAQ YA!)

Who are you?

My name is Federico Razzoli. I am a developer and a Free Software supporter. I live in Italy and my age is a secret, like many things in Italy.

Is the reason why you support Free Software technical, ethical or fanatical?

I don’t like intellectual property, because I don’t like property. If you think that my vision is stupid, you are free to stop using my software or reading my technical articles. Or, you can pay for them. Please, do it: I like sharing, but I also like to steal money from stupid people! 🙂

Your blog has a strange title. Why?

Words are important, because they have a meaning. One of the reason why the people do not think very much is that they have been educated to use random words. If you want to think (and communicate), you must start thinking to the meaning of the words you use.

False is not null: it’s correct. False is something, and null is nothing. Nothing is not false, because what do not exist have no properties.

Also, FALSE IS NOT NULL is a valid (and TRUE) SQL expression.

Did the internet need yet another programming blog?

This question is very interesting. It can’t be answered now. I’ll try to write something interesting. Then, if I succed, the answer will be TRUE.

At least, I will write my contents. I will not do a blind copy/paste work like many blogs I’ve visited.

That’s all, for now. See ya!

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